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ST.TROPEZ Gradual Tan Plus Luminous Veil

Set up and glow with the illuminating face cream for a natural youthful golden glow with visible long term skin benefits. These benefits include; youthful looking skin in an instant, a golden hue and light reflecting pearls encased within the formula instantly brighten and even the complexion. With Camellia flower extract providing anti-oxidant properties to help protect the skin’s natural defenses for a more radiant, refined complexion whilst gradually building a streak-free tan. With Avocado Oil our lightweight luminous veil leaves skin instantly feeling smoother and hydrates for 24 hrs without blocking pores. Apply regularly as required to build the depth of tan you desire. Suitable for all skin tones plus sensitive skin.

Size: 50ml

  • Apply daily to clean dry skin in an upward circular motion, ensuring entire face and neck are is covered
  • Wait until touch dry before applying any makeup
  • Wash palms of hands after application.
  • Anti Pollution - Anti Oxidant - Anti Wrinkle properties from the Asian Camellia flower extract (red snow)
  • Colour correcting golden bulk with purple mica adds instant luminosity to the skin.
  • Light diffusion and wrinkle correction from the optimized soft focus cosmetic powders.
  • Soft smooth hydrated skin from avocado oil and glycerine complex

All products within the gradual tan category DO NOT contain a guide colour, with the exception of the Tinted Gradual Tan products.

Products can be used to build a medium to full strength shade when applied every day over a period of time.

Gradual tan products can be used as an introductory choice for those who are uncertain.

Gradual tan products can be used as a layering option to deepen existing self tans, or to maintain and elongate the initial application or self tanning product or a spray tan service.

Gradual tan products are also a great choice for flawless colour development on hands and feet.


ST.TROPEZ's NEW Global Brand Ambassador Ashley Graham brings it all to help us all feel glowing, inside and out! Because for ST.TROPEZ it is more than just how tanning makes you look, it's about how it makes you feel, it's about celebrating YOU to be your best self every day, however you choose to glow.

Whether it’s more confidence to wear less makeup, to show more skin, or to feel more in control, it’s not the same for everyone. That’s why ST.TROPEZ has a range of products to suit every skin tone, skin type, beauty regime or lifestyle, from a sunkissed glow every day to a deep dark tan for a special occasion.

ST.TROPEZ is the original, the go-to always pushing the boundaries to improve your tanning experience, because they are on a mission to get everyone glowing with confidence!