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ST.TROPEZ Purity, Express + Tan Remover Bundle

This bundle gives you a taste of some of the ST.TROPEZ worldwide best-sellers!

The Purity, Express + Tan Remover bundles includes one of:

  • 200ml, Self Tan Purity Gel
  • 50ml, Self Tan Express Mousse
  • 200ml, Prep & Maintain Tan Remover
  • Prep & Maintain Double Velvet Mitt

PURITY: After applying ST.TROPEZ Tan Enhancing Body Moisturizer, apply Purity gel to body with an applicator mitt. No need to shower.

EXPRESS: After applying ST.TROPEZ Tan Enhancing Body Moisturizer, apply mousse to body with applicator mitt. Shower off guide colour after 1, 2 or 3 hours. Tan will fully develop in 24 hours.

TAN REMOVER: Gently apply over skin, leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse off. For best results and stubborn areas, use with the ST.TROPEZ Tan Remover Mitt.


PURITY: Purity products begin to develop within three hours. Since Purity products have no guide colour, there is no need to shower. If you would like to, suggested shower time is still after 4-8 hours post application. Tan will fully develop after 24 hours.

EXPRESS: All Self Tan products will show an instant visible colour, which is only a temporary guide colour. Like makeup, this guide colour acts as a physical indicator to show you where you have applied, and where you have missed applying the product. This guide colour is water soluble and will wash off as soon as it comes in contact with water. As long as the product has been undisturbed for a minimum of 4hrs after application, the actual sunless tan will still develop properly. The tan will appear fully developed 24hrs later, whether the guide colour has been rinsed off after 4hrs or not.


Any ST.TROPEZ Self Tan retail product application must be left alone on the skin, entirely undisturbed for a minimum of 4hrs, with the exception of Self Tan Express products. This is required in order for the tan to develop properly. To ensure a flawless finish avoid the following:

  • No perfume
  • No creams or lotions
  • No swimming
  • No showering/bathing
  • No sweating
  • No hair removal
  • No exercising
  • No tight clothing
Please see individual items for a full ingredient list.



ST.TROPEZ's NEW Global Brand Ambassador Ashley Graham brings it all to help us all feel glowing, inside and out! Because for ST.TROPEZ it is more than just how tanning makes you look, it's about how it makes you feel, it's about celebrating YOU to be your best self every day, however you choose to glow.

Whether it’s more confidence to wear less makeup, to show more skin, or to feel more in control, it’s not the same for everyone. That’s why ST.TROPEZ has a range of products to suit every skin tone, skin type, beauty regime or lifestyle, from a sunkissed glow every day to a deep dark tan for a special occasion.

ST.TROPEZ is the original, the go-to always pushing the boundaries to improve your tanning experience, because they are on a mission to get everyone glowing with confidence!