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Gehwol Classic Foot powder

Product ships same day when ordered before 5pm. Excludes weekends.

Disinfectant powder keeps feet dry, smooth and odourless.

GEHWOL med Foot Powder helps keeping the feet dry by absorbing sweat. The high quality ingredients prevent foot odours and sweaty feet, provide a smooth, pleasant skin sensation and have antiseptic properties to prevent against infections. GEHWOL Foot Powder has a fresh and clean odour. We also recommend sprinkling this powder in your socks.

Size: 100 g


Tapioca starch, Zinc oxide, Clotrimazole, Bisabolol, Triclosan


Made for the well-being of your feet! A trusted brand for over 150 years. Foot care providers throughout the world know and work with our products. Our solutions for all areas of foot care are custom made for the numerous foot problems that may occur. All products are made from naturally sourced ingredients.