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Gehwol Classic Leg Balm

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Pleasantly soothing medicinal herb balm for legs and feet.

A gentle and non-oily balm used in the daily care for the legs and feet. Allantoin, bisabolol, hamamelis extract, menthol and panthenol reduce irritation and have an astringent and soothing effect on skin discolouration and redness. The valuable active ingredients are rapidly absorbed by the skin. Dry skin, skin blemishes, discoloration, infections and premature skin aging are prevented. A light massage strengthens your veins, prevents leg ailments during pregnancy. The well-tried active ingredients prevent the formation of blisters, itching between the toes and have a long-lasting deodorizing effect.

Dermatologist tested. Suitable for diabetics.

Size: 125 ml


Made for the well-being of your feet! A trusted brand for over 150 years. Foot care providers throughout the world know and work with our products. Our solutions for all areas of foot care are custom made for the numerous foot problems that may occur. All products are made from naturally sourced ingredients.