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Hydra Medic® Clear Complexion Drying Lotion
Hydra Medic® Clear Complexion Drying Lotion
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Hydra Medic® Clear Complexion Drying Lotion

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The zit zapper
  • Treat breakouts and clear up your skin while you sleep! This keratolytic formula unclogs pores and dissolves dead skin cells to tackle acne blemishes and promote skin healing. Mulberry and licorice further work to help minimize skin discoloration. Simply dap wand on pimple and voila! It's that simple. 

    This emergency zit corrector may be used before a big event, a night out or an important meeting to make sure your skin looks clear and blemish free! Remember, never pick at your skin as this may cause scarring and infection. Instead, always have Hydra Medic Clear Complexion in your vanity so you never have to compromise your skin again. When you can't get to a professional esthetician to take care of that pesky pimple, be sure to dab this editor's favorite on your problem spot. Leave on overnight for best results. In morning, wake up and cleanse skin as usual. Skin will appear clearer and smoother. 

    Size: 0.25fl oz/7.5 ml

  • Sulfur
    Elemental sulfur is a proven mild keratolytic agent. It is used to unclog pores in masks and treatments. Sulfur accelerates peeling of the skin and has a topically antiseptic action on the skin surface. Traditionally used for problem skins, sulfur works synergistically with other micro-exfoliant ingredients and is particularly suitable for skins prone to breakout and congestion.

    An extract of the comfrey plant. An unsurpassed natural healing agent.

    Zinc Oxide
    A soft white mineral used for its astringent, healing, and soothing absorbent properties. Micronized version is a mineral sunscreen.

    Kojic Acid
    Derived from a variety of fungi, this ingredient inhibits melanogenesis by chelating the copper bound tyrosinase. It is able to help decrease the number of melanosomes and dendrites thus helping to treat hyper-pigmentation.

    Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract
    The ingredient known for skin lightening benefits of the plant is Glabridin. Glabridin inhibits pigmentation by preventing tyrosinase activity without cytotoxicity. Also provides strong anti-inflammatory properties.

    Morus Alba (Mulberry) Fruit Extract
    High in antioxidants, this extract protects the skin from UV damage. Contains arbutin which can prevent the production of melanin and lighten the skin causing a more youthful appearance.

    A cooling and antiseptic extract, with firming and toning properties for the skin. Extracted from the bark of 50-year-old trees in China, Borneo and Japan.

    Salicylic Acid
    This naturally derived Beta Hydroxy Acid improves the appearance and condition of the skin. Its keratolytic action dissolves the superficial cells that are already old, revealing the deep layers to replace them with younger cells.

    Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi (Bearberry) Leaf Extract
    Also known as bearberry or simply uva ursi, this plant is believed to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is also believed to inhibit the production of melanin, which creates skin pigmentation, causing a lightening effect. The extract can also help tighten pores, allowing the skin to look smoother and even.

    Multi-Fruit Acids (Glycolic, Malic, Citric, and Ascorbic Acids)
    These natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) help rid skin of accumulated dead skin cells revealing a more luminous and youthful complexion.

  • Shake well. Dab on Clear Complexion Drying Lotion on the individual pustule (whitehead) and leave on overnight. Gently wash off with wet cotton in the morning. Avoid eye area. Keep out of the reach of small children. Avoid sun exposure while product is on face. Keep cap firmly closed when not in use.



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